There has never been a Greater Opportunity!

The world needs the vision and passion you carry



Women ALL need a community of women .  .

 who hold them as the Changemaker for their world.

Because the values of women are needed

NOW more than ever,

Women ReMaking the World is here for you!

Getting From Here to There is Our Goal for YOU

When you trust in Yourself...

You will trust in sisters holding space for you!




Summer 2020 class registration is closed. Get on our list for the next session.




Summer 2020 class registration is closed. Get on our list for the next session.




Summer 2020 class registration is closed. Get on our list for the next session.

Gift for Sister Scholarship



Summer 2020 class registration is closed. Get on our list for the next session.

Whatever investment you are able to make is perfect! The total program is available at every level, flowering, budding, seedling or scholarship.

Class begins on July 8th at 10 am PST and are held each Wednesday at 10 am PST and Sundays at 7 pm PST.

Thank you for your interest in Women ReMaking the World.

The summer 2020 registration has closed.

Please email us through the Scholarship link below to receive information on our next session.

Your Investment will Reap Benefits in an Economy that Values Women's Visions.

No one turned away because of finances. Contact us to apply for a scholarship or payment plan.

Apply for a scholarship, payment plan, or to receive information about the next session.
Your Vision for Your Life and World is Valuable! I Encourage YOU To Join Us!

Diverse and Integrated


Over the past 10 months, 14 women from Africa and Asia as well as around North America spend hours sharing ideas about the value of women in the world. Of course, what also came up was the missing consciousness that deeply held that concept.


These amazing women, ranging in age from 30s to 80s, decided, That needed to Change!

So, going back to the 2012 Women's Grassroots Women Congress, they pulled up the values set by those women.

They felt that their professional diversity  — from corporate to nonprofit, from housewife and mother to healer and counselor could be woven in an integrated program that was unique and powerful.

Women ReMaking the World is the result.

Here is YOUR invitation to join us in changing the world!




Designed to move you from idea, heart clarity, pragmatic action steps, deeper healing tools, community skills, to a Change:

    Gathering In

  • Sharon Riegie Maynard

    The Art of Listening

  • Sushila Mertens

    What Does Your Heart Say

  • Cinda Stevens Lonsway

The Alchemical Pathway to Grace

  • Susan Mavity

    Blueprint: Finding Your Purpose

  • Bita Diomande

Creative Process

  • Komal Mathur

The Butterfly & Cocoon: Art Alchemy 

  • Aondrea Maynard

  Transactional Analysis

  • Komal Mathur

Classes continued:

    Building from Deep Roots & Foundations

  • Sharon Riegie Maynard

Open Up Your Financial Mindset

  • Emma MacKenzie

    Project and Team Management

  • Bita Diomande & Carol Squire

    Branding & Marketing

  • Kelli Lair and Francine Raften

    An Invitation to Sacred Activism

  • Marilyn Nyborg

Documenting Your Project:            

      Film & Journaling

  • Kelli Lair

 The Sound of Voice: The Soul of Voice 

  • Vajra Ma

    Creating Ritual

  • Cinda Stevens Lonsway

    Celebration and Next Steps!

Karie Hillery and Chris Pinnick~  the musical artists who contributed to this program

Women ReMaking the World

Will Be Life Changing! 

Join Us!

The Program is Outstanding!

Classes Begin Wednesday, July 8th and will be held Wednesday and Sunday for 8 weeks.

All classes will be recorded for those enrolled.

Wednesday class meet at 10 am PST for 2 hours unless otherwise noted.

Sunday class will meet at 7 pm PST for 2 hours unless otherwise noted.

2012 Women Grassroots Congress

Co-Host of Women ReMaking the World

Mystic Shawwoman, Sharon Riegie Maynard, called women together to created a solid Declaration of Values. Those values are the foundation from which Women ReMaking the World grew.

Sacred Ground Collective

Co-Host of Women ReMaking the World

 As a collaborative of aware women with experiential wisdom we are honored to co-host Women ReMaking the World. We know that together we will cause Good to emerge.

Sacred Ground Academy

Partner for Women ReMaking the World

The Academy, a space for learning and growing into the awareness of the immensity of the power of our own visions, is excited to partner with Women's Grassroots Congress and Sacred Ground Collective in support of Women ReMaking the World.

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